A Natural? Or Leading from Weakness?


A Natural? Or Leading from Weakness?

My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness. 2 Corinthians 12:9



I’ve usually considered myself a natural leader.  But when it comes to practicing and promoting healthy relationships for home, church and all of life I am definitely a work in progress.  By nature I am a very driven task oriented person.  More times than I want to admit I’ve wounded family members and co-workers in the name of getting it done, and done right.  Sadly for those around me I have been a slow learner in this important area of life.  I am truly fortunate that those around me are very patient and forgiving.

So why is it that I am sharing Holy Manners and healthy relationships with you and others?

Have you ever noticed how God takes the under qualified and puts them to work?  How He showcases our weakest places because it is there that we so utterly and completely depend on His grace?  He takes a place that is not in our “pride spot” but in our “shame spot” and turns that into a gift that we can share with others.  Something that we have learned the hard way seems to connect with others like us.  Out of our pain and glorious experience with God’s amazing grace comes God at work for the good of others.

So why am I sharing Holy Manners and healthy relationships with you and others?

Because it is one way that I can witness to God’s amazing grace, share hope and invite you to experience God at work in your life too.

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