Rev. Dr. Scott G. Sommerfeld

I have been blessed to serve as a parish pastor in Louisville, KY, Kokomo, IN and for the past 10 years at Holy Cross Lutheran in Jenison, MI. Cindy and I recently celebrated our 32nd Wedding Anniversary and are blessed to have 3 adult children. In case you didn’t know–our first grandchild is due in November 2014!

7 years ago Holy Cross was in a time of transition and inner turmoil.  This created the opportunity for God to lead pastor and people on a more deliberate path toward congregational peace and health.  Thanks to the help and guidance of the Holy Spirit and wise Christian leaders Holy Cross has become a champion for Holy Manners.  As such, the leaders and people of Holy Cross generously release me to share this gift with other groups and leaders through workshops, classes and electronic communication like this website.

Our Holy Manners experience has fueled my passion for leadership development and organizational health founded on healthy relationships for home, church and all of life.  Recently I have helped promote and establish Holy Manners with the faculty at Concordia University Ann Arbor and the staff of the Michigan District of the LCMS.  In May 2014 I also was able to prepare 50+ Intentional Interim Ministry Pastors to facilitate the Holy Manners process.

My life and ministry have been greatly enriched because those around me and ahead of me shared the good stuff with me along the way.  It is in that spirit that this website and ministry are shared with you.  If you find any of the good stuff in these pages then God has been up to something good once again.