How is God Messing with You?


How is God Messing with You?

The following is an excerpt from a letter to the members and friends of Holy Cross, Jenison encouraging trust in God during life’s challenging times.  I hope it blesses you too!

At key points along the way it is fitting to ask each other “How is GOD messing with you?”  In 2014-15 some will discover a need that requires the help and care of others, some will be led to serve those in need.  Some will be ready to teach and inspire, some will find a hunger for spiritual things satisfied in worship and small groups.  Some will desire blessings for others like baptism, first communion, confirmation, and growing peace and maturity for teens.  One thing is for sure—God loves you and yours so much that He will continually mess with you.  He will lead you to see with new clarity that you can truly trust and rely on the love God has for you!!

Your church, as a growing and caring Christian community, is ready to come along side you as you take the next steps on your life journey, your spiritual journey this fall.  To do this we come together in activities and events that help each of us grow in faith, care for others and experience community as disciples of Jesus who are in the process of helping others become and make disciples of Jesus.

Sometimes God messes with us in ways that show our weakness and lead us to rely on him and those He places around us for help and support.  All the while we also have this growing sense that God is God and I am not.  I am not in charge.  Individually and collectively we are asking God to help us trust in Him more and more every day—in the midst of answered and unanswered prayer.  This is the joy and challenge of being a disciple of Jesus.

Maybe God is messing with you in such a way—just as God is having us as a congregation wait on His timing for our next pastor.  Waiting does not mean inactivity; it means being about what God has called us to do while waiting for Him to do what only He can do.  This is true for us as individuals, as households and as a congregation.

So we are heading back into the call process waiting on God and actively seeking God’s direction and timing for the arrival of our next Associate Pastor.   In our calling process God has been messing with us.  We have a renewed awareness that we are looking for a pastor who can especially relate with and teach confirmation and high school youth and the Millennial generation (18-33 year olds).  With a renewed emphasis on ministry among this generation we are also recognizing that it might be time to start exploring an additional worship style that especially speaks to their heart language and to those who are wired as creatives and contemplatives.

I want to invite you to once again consider how God might be messing in your life, drawing you closer to Him and those He has given you to love and to cherish.  When we sense that God is up to something it is cause for careful attention and renewed trust in Him just as one of my favorite Bible verses encourages, “And so we know and rely on the love God has for us.” (1 John 4:16)


May GOD mess with You in 2014-15 helping You to know and rely on God’s love for You!!

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