Personality Colors and Teaming – Get Ready for Your Future


Personality Colors and Teaming – Get Ready for Your Future

I wish someone had helped me understand how others received me and my go‐to behavioral style before I started in ministry. You have a great opportunity to get ready for your future by growing in self‐awareness.

Do you know your Personality Colors? That is, do you know your “go‐to” behavioral styles and your ways of making sense of the world—which also impact the ways you tend to team/work with others? Self‐awareness is a leading indicator of one’s ability to work well with others. Others already know how you tend to lead and interact with those around you—why not know that about yourself too?

Fortunately this interactive workshop experience combines humor with keen insight so all stay safe in the midst of a growing self‐awareness and how to best work with others.

Most everyone knows that teams are essential to ministry. But do you know why you will resist forming teams in your ministry? The second half of this session will help you discover your natural roadblocks to forming and working with teams.

Don’t leave seminary without these insights that can further enhance and expand ministry in your settings. Future and current church workers and spouses are invited.

“Personality Colors and Teaming” meets Wednesday evening, April 8 at 7:00 pm in the President’s Room on the campus of Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, MO. Practical resources for students and spouses.

A gift from Pastor in Residence Rev. Dr. Scott G. Sommerfeld and Holy Cross, Jenison, MI.

Handouts for the Workshop

Color Profile Description (PDF)

What It’s Like to Be Led By You (PDF)

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