Supporting Faith‐filled Families through Milestone Ministry


Supporting Faith‐filled Families through Milestone Ministry

What is your strategy to help homes and families make and be disciples of Jesus? Are you prepared? Is your church prepared to supply such help and support?

Like you, I believe many parents have a growing hunger for authenticity when living out their faith. I also believe there are many parents who do not feel comfortable and equipped to pass on daily faith practices at home to their children.

What if your church was known as a partner that supported homes and families? Milestone Ministry can be one aspect of such a partnership. Every 2 years parents gather together at anticipated and celebrated stages of life and development called milestones. Each milestone is a great entre to share the gospel and faith practices in developmentally appropriate ways. Each milestone will encourage parents and children/students to be and make disciples of Jesus, beginning with Getting Ready for Baptism.

This may be a significant shift in ministry for your congregation. But it is also a worthwhile venture when congregations move toward offering support for homes and families instead of just asking families to support the church.

This workshop will provide you with support materials to equip and encourage parents and children to actively practice their faith at home. These free resources are a gift from Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Jenison, MI. We will give special attention to the first milestone—Getting Ready for Baptism.

Don’t leave seminary without these resources and this faith‐forming approach to ministry that clearly places the church in the wonderful role of partnering with homes and families.

“Supporting Faith‐filled Families through Milestone Ministry” meets Thursday evening, April 9 at 7:00 pm in the President’s Room on the campus of Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, MO. Future and current church workers and spouses are invited.

A gift from Pastor in Residence Rev. Dr. Scott G. Sommerfeld and Holy Cross, Jenison, MI.

Handouts for the Workshop

Milestone Brochure (PDF)

Strategy for Making Disciples (PDF)

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